Selig Gain Rack Extension

Levels too hot or cold? Selig Gain will make them "just right."

selig-gain-iconSelig Gain is a simple Rack Extension for gain control of audio and CV signals. It functions as a classic VCA, or as a handy volume control complete with Peak Hold meter, mute, and panning. Use it to measure and adjust levels anywhere in your signal path. Also included: mono, polarity invert, and independent left/right pan controls with selectable pan law, and of course there is full CV I/O on the back panel. Think of it as a portable gain stage for Reason’s Rack - use it anywhere you like!

Selig DeEsser Rack Extension

"De-essing without the stressing!"

selig-deesser-iconThe Selig DeEsser is an advanced vocal DeEsser that not only allows you to accurately detect and reduce sibilance found at any level in a vocal track, but also to extract all sibilance to its own mixer channel in real time. Despite this sophistication the Selig DeEsser couldn't be simpler: many users may find instant success with the default settings! There are no thresholds to set, no EQs to fine-tune, and no filters of any sort in the audio path. This provides you with the cleanest signal and simplest setup possible in a de-esser.

Selig Leveler Rack Extension

selig-leveler-icon Introducing the Selig Leveler (formerly known as The Curve), a remarkable new dynamics device for Reason’s Rack Extensions.

The Selig Leveler utilizes a unique approach to dynamics control, by applying upwards compression across a user specified range of the dynamic spectrum. This allows the Selig Leveler to target your compression like no other device, meaning the Selig Leveler can compress everything within a user specified range while leaving the loudest and softest signals almost completely alone.

ReMark Rack Divider Rack Extension

"Create Some Space in your Rack!"

remark-iconThe ReMark Rack Divider is an organizational tool designed by Reason users for Reason users. But don't be fooled - this simple looking device has a few tricks up its sleeve. In its default state, ReMark is a blank one-unit rack panel with a tape label, but it can be transformed with additional text and colors for further organizational bliss.

In addition to using ReMark as a blank rack panel, there's a text box for quick identification. Double-click in the center of ReMark to modify the text block. The tape label combined with the text box allows for various descriptive possibilities like simple outlining or grouping related ideas.