Selig Gain Rack Extension

Levels too hot or cold? Selig Gain will make them "just right."

selig-gain-iconSelig Gain is a simple Rack Extension for gain control of audio and CV signals. It functions as a classic VCA, or as a handy volume control complete with Peak Hold meter, mute, and panning. Use it to measure and adjust levels anywhere in your signal path. Also included: mono, polarity invert, and independent left/right pan controls with selectable pan law, and of course there is full CV I/O on the back panel. Think of it as a portable gain stage for Reason’s Rack - use it anywhere you like!

front-panel selig-gain

front-folded selig-gain

back-panel selig-gain

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  • Gain Stage for audio and CV signals, with front panel fader and back panel CV control.
  • Two fader modes, VCA and Trim. VCA mode is unipolar, and ranges from unity gain down to “off”. Trim is bipolar and gives you ± 24 dB of gain with 0.1 dB precision.
  • Independent pan knobs for left and right channels.
  • Pan laws: 0 dB linear, -3 dB linear, cosine and square root, -4.5 dB linear, cosine and square root, - 6 dB linear and cosine.
  • Additional features include a mono function, polarity invert, and a Peak Hold meter with Auto Reset option.
  • Auto Reset mode enables the Peak Hold display to update when the Fader is moved up or down, for more precise control.
  • Ultra low CPU hit, use Selig Gain freely throughout your song file!
  • Bonus features: the Fader and Pan functions include CV outputs that correspond to the current front panel mode. The Fader CV will be unipolar in VCA mode, and bipolar in Trim mode, while the Pan CV outputs provide a signal that corresponds to the selected pan law. Inverted outputs are provided.
  • Most parameters can be viewed and controlled while the device is folded for minimal rack intrusion.

Download the User Guide, below:


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